What are the Secrets for successful Australian visa Applications?

It is a no secret that every year, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection receives thousands of applications for the permanent residency of Australia. Some get selected and many are sent back.

The reasons for rejection can be because of fraudulent activities or ineligibility, but a maximum number of application forms are rejected because of the minute and innocent mistakes, or because of some misunderstandings.

Applying for any visa be it a family, tourist, or migration visa can be an intricate, and a demanding process, and hence, it is very important to get it right.

Without a proper knowledge of application process, people end up spending thousands of rupees, and six to eight months of their time, which can sometimes exceed to one year.

Also, the Department of Immigration has become much stricter since 9/11 in 2001 and it is not a cake-walk to get permanent residency easily.

Also, submitting the forms is just a small part of the process, and it’s important to be aware of exactly what the Department is looking for and how the system works.

Hereby, following are the key ingredients which can help you in getting success for the Australian permanent residency:

All the visas require a validating evidence like relationships have to be proved, work-experience and asset holdings need to be shown. Additionally, everything which you claim has to be backed up with solid evidence.

Group certificates, tax returns, bank records, and pay-slips are effective for proving employment. A best example can be, if you are trying to prove that you have worked for 52 weeks, give them 52 pay-slips and 52 weeks of bank statements showing the deposits.

The Immigration Department will cross-check all of the documents submitted as well as the previous visa applications and government records to check for consistency.

If officials found something inconsistent, even if it is accidental or innocent, your process can be delayed and thus, it is important to be vigilant to avoid any denial.

Also, it is helpful if you keep your old forms and applications so that you can be consistent by referring back to your previous documents.

There are lot of rejections because of small, often very minute mistakes. Therefore, it is important to always double-check before submitting an application form and relevant documents. Being as detailed and accurate as possible- and cross-checking for consistency will make your application process much smoother.

Being total honest throughout the process is important, and if you get caught out the consequences can be fatal.

If you are dishonest, the department can issue bans on lodging further applications which could reflect poorly on your character for all future attempts.

Also, you are more likely to have a visa refused if you try to hide something rather than disclosing it. Hence, it is important to disclose all prior sentences related to the application process. It is also important to make sure information is presented in context, to avoid misinterpretation.

The correct organization and laying of your documents coherently can make your application process faster. It is also advised to highlight the relevant documents in a chronological order in order to make application process easy. Also, make sure that any document that requires a translation should be submitted with both the original as well as translation documents.

If you can make your application file easy to understand for the immigration officer, you can make your life easier in that way.

Be aware of inconsistent public records and social media profiles
The immigration department will search through public records and social media profiles, and also verify educational records with the original institutions.

Should always abide by the deadline and timing rules
You should be aware of timings and when to submit your documents because the Department can be quite inflexible.

You should not only be aware of the deadlines but expiration dates also.

Pay attention to detail
You must pay attention to the minute details, as not paying attention could lead to adverse outcomes. You must be accurate but at the same time you must abide by the Australia immigration process as well which at times can be counter- intuitive

Make sure you apply for the right visa:
If you are planning to stay in Australia on a permanent basis, then you need to apply for the skilled or family visas on the basis of your skills. If you are planning to visit on a tourist basis, you can apply for tourist visa and so on.

Using a Migration Agent;
Last but not the least, a migration agency will be able to provide you correct and honest advice which would help you in lodging your well-prepared application. Getting a help from the agent would help you in knowing the immigration process in detail.

The department also says that using an immigration agent can make the whole process a lot easier and faster.

Therefore, you can take assistance from a well-known immigration consultant who is in this field for past 7 years and is still growing strong.

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