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Overlook of Visa 491 for Australian Immigration

  • Fri, Jan 24 2020
  • 17 Reads

 Visa 491 is a new Points-tested visa aimed at designated areas of Australia, for applicants with an eligible skilled occupation, nominated by a regional area government agency or sponsored by...

Migrate to Hong Kong Through QMAS Visa

  • Thu, Jan 23 2020
  • 34 Reads

Hong Kong is a thriving economy to attract thousands of oversees skilled workers in order to establish a business or lead towards the progressive growth of country. It is officially known as Hong K...

Top 5 key Things You Should know About Hong Kong QMAS Visa

  • Tue, Jan 21 2020
  • 51 Reads

Hong Kong is the home to one of the world most spectacular skylines with natural harbor and lush green mountains. It is densely packed city where you will discover ample opportunities concerning ed...

Work Under a QMAS Visa in Hong Kong

  • Sun, Jan 19 2020
  • 68 Reads

QMAS is a scheme that is based on quota based entrant scheme that come into effect on February 2006. The system seeks to attract highly skilled and talented workers in order to enhance Hong Kong ec...

Hong Kong at a Glance

  • Tue, Jan 14 2020
  • 85 Reads

Hong Kong, being located at the southeastern tip of China, gives economic and strategic importance in the proportion of size. Today, Hong Kong is become the centre for world-class financial, social...

Top 8 FAQ about Australian tourist visa for Indians to visit

  • Oct 17, 2019
  • 102 Reads

With having so many reasons to visit Australia, the country is known as “the land down under”, which derives from the country’s position in the Southern Hemisphere, as the part of...

What is Spouse Visa Canada For Indian

  • Thu, Sep 12 2019
  • 119 Reads

Are you planning of migrating to the wonderful destination Canada as a family for permanent residence? If yes, you have come to the right place because we will tell you...

What is Canada Express Entry?

  • Fri, Aug 23 2019
  • 136 Reads

Canada is a world-famous immigration destination for thousands of migrants seeking permanent residency solutions for a better standard of living and work opportunities. The popularity of the countr...

What are the ways to get a PR visa to New Zealand?

  • Sat, Jul 27 2019
  • 153 Reads

New Zealand is a wonderful country to live and settle on a permanent basis. There are different visa categories to select on the basis of your personal preference and e...

How do you immigrate to New Zealand?

  • Sat, Jul 27 2019
  • 170 Reads

New Zealand is an immigrant friendly country that invites migrants to permanently settle in the country under various immigration programs that are offered by Kiwi coun...

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