Things To Keep in Mind After Migrating to Canada

Every ounce of advices from different mouths tends to get in through every space, before or while your immigration plans. But after you re-locate yourself, suggestions will woof-down to zero!

So what are those things that you should be knowing after migration?

Read on to find out.

- You should strictly maintain a journal having dates of your trips you made outside Canada. This is because at the time of renewal of your PR visa, you will be asked to furnish this information (especially if you travel outside for business purpose). These dates can also be asked when you go to file for Citizenship of the country.

- You can file for renewal of your PR visa 9 months before its expiry

- Canada’s harsh winter is well-known. Try to save your bucks on winter essentials (boots, gloves, jackets, etc.) by waiting for January sale season. Do not load winter wear all at one go.

- Book on your Family doctor as soon as you can. Till the time you can use walk-in clinics.

- Make sure to have a tool kit, first aid and ready to eat stuff handy at your home.

- One of the few barrier that you may feel after migrating to Canada is that their eccentric English vocab and spell usage of common words. Indians generally follows American English but Canadian English is a bit different. For example, colour, cheque, licence.

- Get you unique Social Insurance number as soon as you land in the country. This pin is your key to get access to various social security schemes offered by Canadian government.

- Also get yourself a Bank account and credit, debits cards as soon as you reach Canada. For this to make true, you need a strong financial ground and someone to wink at in a Canadian Bank!

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Best of Luck! 

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