How to Choose a Country for Immigration?

Immigration is a lot more than packing your entire wardrobe and booking one-way flight. It certainly requires you to have an extensive research first and select the best country to settle forever in. Immigration decision is indeed an imperative decision for any individual as a lot of factors like future generations’ upbringing, basic social facilities, lifestyle, societal norms, etc.

need to be considered before actually putting a green flag at one particular destination.

So what are those highlighted factors which you should consider before resting your final selection decision for a place? Let us suggest you a few of them:

  1. Fair Selection System/ Process

Every good country is having a proper immigration model through which it lets people come and stay as a Permanent Resident (and later Citizen). This model of selection should be fair and flexible. Consider example of Canada. Canadian immigration model has been called the ‘wisest’ among all. It works on a Comprehensive Ranking System that intakes those skilled workers who are proficient and skilled in terms of their age, education, work experience and language capabilities. This system took birth in 2015, after abolishment of earlier ‘first-come, first-served’ kind of model, which was rather very unfair mean of selection.

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  1. Growing Job Opportunities

Migrating to country where your current job profile is not in demand is migrating to island’s Blue lagoon. You may loves beaches of Australia or high-street lives of USA, but how could you going to survive there as resident if there are no Job opportunities for you?

Therefore, it is quite imperative to first confirm if your Occupation is in demand in the economy of shortlisted country or not.

  1. Best firms to work and universities to study

As immigration involves moving permanently to a new location along with your family, decisions on the top Job market or industry, best universities and schools for children, etc. must also be well-thought-out. For instance, Canada homes the best universities (University of Toronto, McGill University, etc.)  & tech companies, making country ‘the most preferred country for immigration’. 

  1. Society and people

You have to live with people of this new country. You need to blend with them both socially and culturally. Society and people thus are vital substance to consider.

Identify a country with multi-culturism or country with similar or familiar culture. Try to connect with people of this particular country over Facebook, or any other social networking sites. Talk to them and understand their perspective about life and immigrants, about people from different ethnic groups, etc.

You can also refer to other norms, celebrations and public structures of the country by personal browsing or through travel apps.

  1. Dual Citizenship allowance

Dual Citizenship means having Citizenship of two countries at a same period of time. Not every country allows you to have a Dual citizenship. Having dual citizenship is a great perk. It is thus recommended to have pre-check on this allowance. The country of Canada, for example, is open for dual citizenship.

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