New Zealand Made Changes For Temporary Work Visa Aspirants

New Zealand has been welcoming skilled workers with open arms. As per the announcement by the New Zealand government, rules are now at tranquil for temporary visa seekers. According to the new rule, temporary work visa will be granted on the basis of minimum salary cut-off.

The wise decision comes with the following credentials.

  • Cut-off limit is NZD 48,859 for low-skilled workers, which is equalling what an average Kiwi earns. Cut-off limit is NZD 73,299 for high-skilled workers, which 1.5 times the average earnings of New Zealand Resident.
  • The New Zealand Government is thoughtful for starting a new category – mid-skilled workers which consist of workers who earn the mentioned salaries. The NZ authorities said that slabs are made in order to ensure that companies only select genuine and meticulous immigrants.
  • Lower-skilled workers get a work visa for a period of three years, followed by a 12-month stand-down period, only after which they can renew their visa for three more years.
  • These initiations do not affect international students in any way, and they can continue using the post-study work permit.
  • It can be made out that only after working for four years after a bachelor’s degree, the students reach the median salary of high-skilled workers. So when these students go ahead to get the work visa, they get into the mid-skilled migrant worker category.

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