Interconnection of Express Entry and Family: Proving the Relationship Between You and Your Family

Canada as a country understands the importance of keeping the family together and so do the Canadian immigration system. If you want to migrate to Canada to be with your family- Family and Spousal are the perfect options if your family member is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.  Apart from this, family members can also come to Canada with their relatives who have been invited to apply for permanent residency through Express Entry System.

Canada gives an option under Express Entry program applicants to bring their spouse or common-law partners and dependent children with them to Canada. The accompanying people must be marked dependent in the Express Entry application to be eligible to come along with you. Additionally, if and not they are accompanying you, they will still be documented on an Express Entry application.

Dependents and Express Entry!

It is mandatory for the dependent applicants to provide proof of their relationships in the application form. You may show legal documents like marriage certificate to prove your spousal relationship. The certificate shows that the marriage was legal in the applicant’s home country and it will be accepted in Canada as well.

For a people in common-law partnerships, an in-depth analysis of the relationship will be done. A lot of documents will be asked by the Canadian immigration department. You need to submit a form declaring the common law partnership and a proof that you and your partner are living together for at least 12 months- submit utility bills, housing lease, or a bank account documentation to account your claim.

Also, if you have dependent children, you need to prove their relationship with you. For biological children, a birth certificate or baptismal certificate will be accepted as a proof by the Canadian Immigration officials. For adopted children, you must submit a legal adoption paper.

One of the most important things to take notice of is that you must be able to support your family as well in Canada and thus, you need to show the proof of the same.  When apply in the Express Entry program, you will be required to show that you have necessary funds to support your family and yourself. You may have to show banking statements showing financial assets. Additionally, a lot of time will be saved if you have a job offer letter from Canada.

Claim Points for Your Spouse/ Partner

Hurray! You may get extra CRS points if you include your partner/spouse in the Express Entry application form. The additional points are rewarded on the basis of spouse’s education, work experience and language skills.

It may be a high possibility that your spouse may have a strong Express Entry profile than you, and then in such a case, you may consider having them as a primary applicant for Express Entry and who knows that they might get successful fast in receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Canadian Government.

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