Everything You Need To Know About Australia Permanent Residency!

In the past few years, many Indian immigrants are migrating to Australia. It is a well-known fact that Australia offers excellent education, health and work facilities which is alluring Indians to immigrate to Australia. Therefore, these reasons are sound enough to fascinate the attention of the potential Indian aspirants preparing to move in for Australia as a Permanent Resident.

Now, the question arises who is a permanent resident?

A permanent resident is a status given to a person who is allowed to reside with a visa status of a country of which they are not a regional citizen.

Permanent Residency in Australia

Australia is one of the most sought after locations for the Indian immigrants. The Australia is a country which offers lively outdoors, archetypal beaches, lush green rainforests, and moderate weather. Also, some of the Australian cities are in the top 10 most sought after cities in the world which offers good work opportunities with sorcerous lifestyle.

The applicants who applied for the Australian permanent residency are required to sign a statement of values which acts as a confirmation that the applicants will abide by the laws in Australian terrain before visa is granted.

There are lot of work opportunities for the immigrants in the Australian market. If they are highly skilled and qualified, they can work in their desired functional domain of their profile based on the eligibility and knowledge.

Are you eligible to apply for Australia PR? Check now!

Australia follows a point based immigration system. The minimum required points to be eligible to apply for Australia permanent residency is 60 points which are based on your age, qualification, work experience, skills, English Language Proficiency and many other factors.

Check your score using Australia Immigration Point Calculator

The applicant who receives Australian PR is entitled to enjoy certain benefits like:

  • Career opportunities: Australia being a densely populated country, has a low unemployment rate and skill shortages open a numerous job opportunities for the skilled workers
  • Education: most of the top class universities are in Australia which offers more than 22000 courses under different subjects.
  • Healthcare: Australia offers the world class healthcare facilities.
  • Security: with the constitutional rules same for everyone, Australia is the most secure country.
  • Living Costs: Australia offers a very comfortable and affordable living.

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