Do Not Lose Hope: Here’s The Solution to Low Canada Express Entry CRS Score

Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking System took birth in 2015, eliminating earlier system of ‘First come-First served’. There was no fair way of selection before 2015 and it was then when the Government of Canada finally nod for giving space to this system in their existing immigration model.

Post introduction of CRS system that gives you CRS scores and determines your eligibility, reason for rejection of PR visas has become almost monotonous and linear, i.e., not having enough/ competent score.

If you are also lacking on your CRS score, then let me clear the air. There do exist some ways that makes you boost your current score level.

First let us understand the distribution of CRS points. There are three major factors on which you are judged up on and given scores,

  • Core Human Factor: 500 CRS
  • Skills Transferability: 100 CRS
  • Additional Factors: 600 CRS

Now, let us look at sub-factors under each of these three main factors:

Core Human Capital

  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Work experience
  4. Language ability

Skill Transferability

  1. Canadian work experience
  2. French language

Additional factors

  1. Siblings in Canada
  2. PNP nomination
  3. Job offer from Canada
  4. Study in Canada

By all means, we have a little or no control over altering Core Human factors.

However, we can make a difference by claiming points on other 2 factors- Skill transferability and additional factors.

Read these following options which can help you in rocketing your current CRS:

A)     Current options

  1. Improve English (re-give ILETS) or French
  2. Change primary applicant (and be a secondary applicant)
  3. Claim points on Siblings in Canada
  4. Improve partner’s first language
  5. Claim points on Spouse’s ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)

Know Your Immigration Score Now


B)     Long term options

  1. Nomination from a Province in Canada
  2. Job offer letter from a Canadian employer (LMIA approved)

With bucket full of options to increase your score, your Canada Permanent Resident Visa is not far away!

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