Why Canada is Better Immigration Option Than Any Other Country?

Canada has been the most ideal country in the world for immigration for many past decades. It offer high quality of life, growth, environment, work, raising family and many more. United Nations has ranked Canada as a best country to live and work many times in the past decade. Canada also offers more flexible and easy immigration policy as compared to rest countries. Every year millions of immigrants from every corner of the world apply to get Canadian Permanent Residency. For skilled workers Canada has designed many visa types and categories with different kinds of requirement according to the Canadian labour market. Overall there are more than 60 ways to obtain the Permanent Residency of Canada for Students, Skilled Workers, Investors, Business Persons, Entrepreneurs, Relatives of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen and more.

Canada Immigration Plan For Year 2019-21

Canada Immigration department announced the new multi-year immigration levels for 2019-21. This new plan will invite more than 300,000 migrants every year. The immigration plan will benefit all migrants to come and contribute towards the Canadian economy.

The Canadian government keeps on modifying the new immigration rules and procedure. The new plan is made keeping in mind the previous year plans. The number of permanent residents for the next three years will constantly increase as compared to the immigration year 2018 that invited 310, 000 migrants.

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Canada Immigration Plan for Year 2017 - 2020

Canada has planned to invite as much as 300,000 immigrants for 2017 and for the upcoming year also. The Canadian government is keep on modifying and updating the immigration rules and procedure for the betterment of selection process and to increase the number of immigrants.

There are many programs to get the permanent residency like Federal Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), Quebec Skilled Worker etc. If we talk about the Express Entry system it is considered as the most popular option to apply through, EE has vast number of benefits with faster processing time. Alternate option is to apply through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) like Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Ontario etc. to get nominated by a province.

Canada Express Entry

Provincial Nominee Programs

Saskatchewan PNP

Nova Scotia PNP

Ontario PNP

Ontario PNP

The Canadian Immigration is point based and every province has its own way of inviting the potential applicants. Check the immigration points you score using Canada Point Assessment Grid.

You must score at least 67 points out of 100 on Canada Point Assessment Grid when applying through Express Entry. The points are calculated for age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability and adaptability factors. If you plan to apply through a particular province then you must meet their eligibility requirements.

Calculate Your CRS to Immigrate to Canada

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