All You Need To Know About ECA To Start Canada Express Entry Process

Canada is the most favored immigration destination which popularly known as second largest country in the world after Russia. The country is being located in the northern part of North America with including around tem provinces along with three charming territories. With varied wonderful beaches and landscapes, it explores the aesthetic beauty from around the world.

Do you also want to move to Canada as well as enjoying its work culture? If Canada wooed you, you can start your process by applying through Canada Express Entry. This is an online system which comes into force on January 2015 with the aim to work upon in a more systematic and effective immigration process.

Canada usually invites competent folks by following a “hybrid system” wherein a minimum sixty seven points are mandatory to score on total of 100. You can confirm your points by making use of Canada Express Entry points Calculator. The allocation of points will be carried out on the basis of your education, age, work experience, language proficiency ability and adaptability.

To start your Canada Express Entry process, it is required to get a positive ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) done which is a tool, used to check your educational credentials as equivalent to Canada. An ECA is used to verify that whether or not your foreign degree, diploma, certificates or other credentials is valid and as equal to Canada.

There are different types of ECA; you may need to get ECA done for Canada Express Entry purpose. Your ECA report will help you in looking for job in Canada. Hence, you must include your ECA report as well as the reference number under Express Entry profile.

Moreover, ECA will accessed from organizations or professional body designated by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada. These gives you report which states you what your education is equal to Canada. Its processing time and costs differs from the various organizations and professional body. Other process under Canada Express Entry will start when you got a positive ECA report.

Below we are listed out some of designated organizations for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA):

  • World Education Services.
  • Comparative Education Services.
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
  • IQAS (International Qualifications Assessment Service)
  • International Credential Evaluation Service.

If you are still in dilemma about Express Entry Canada Requirements, then you can connect with Canada visa specialists at Aptech Global. Fill the online assessment form, so that one of experts will soon discuss your related concern.