7 Insanely Useful Tips to Enhance Your Canada Immigration Points for PR in 2021

Witnessing the maple country without any hitch is a dream that many aspiring candidates want to pull in daylight. To pull your dream of Canada Immigration into daylight, a candidate is required to have the highest Canada Immigration points. For your knowledge, the latest CRS cut-off released by IRCC is 454. So, if you want to get the status of Canada PR via Express Entry Pathway, then having a high CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score is a must.

You all know that Express Entry program is the fastest and the easiest track way to ride your vehicle hassle-free on the beautiful road to Canada Immigration. As per this system, only the candidates with the highest CRS scores receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canada PR. Under the Canada Immigration point’s calculator, your points are evaluated on the basis of certain parameters such as:

  • Human Capital Factors (Consists of your age, level of education, work experience, first language ability, second language ability, Canadian work experience)
  • Skills Transferability factors (Consists of certain combinations such as Canadian Work experience plus education, Education plus language ability, Canadian and Non Canadian Work Experience, Certificate of Trade or qualification in any trade or language ability)
  • Additional Factors (Consists of provincial nomination from any Canadian Province, a qualifying job offer in the NOC levels O, A or B, a sibling in Canada, French-Language ability and many more)

So, always try to score a higher CRS score, as it is the only road to success if you want to avail all perks that the Canadian Government offers to the PR applicants.

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A high CRS score helps you leap ahead of the curve. So, the better your scores are, the higher will be chances of success. Despite that, if you don’t have enough Canada PR points to qualify for a PR Visa, below are some of the proven techniques to give a major boost to your CRS score, while being in Canada’s Express Entry Pool.

Catch a Glimpse of the 7 Simple Secrets to Boost your Scores for Canada Immigration

1. Brush Up your Language Proficiency Skills

If you have low Canada Immigration points that are not enough to get an invitation to apply for Canada PR, in this case re-appearing for the IELTS language proficiency test is a proven technique to enhance your CRS score. Well, if you got more than 8 bands, then it is sure to strengthen your scores by 260 points. Having a CLB more than 8 or 9 also triggers a jump in points under the skills transferability factors of CRS Calculator. It is a one giant move in the right direction that helps you outshine other candidates in the Express Entry Pool.

2. Apply through the PNP Pathway and get a Provincial Nomination

Getting a provincial nomination from any Canadian province or territory is the best way to take your CRS points a notch higher. A nomination from any province helps you score an additional 600 scores, that further guarantees you an ITA (Invitation to Apply) to apply for Canada’s permanent Residence. So, if you have low CRS, applying for a PNP via express entry would be worth it.

3. Get a Canadian Qualification

Studying in Canada prior to applying for the Canada PR is the best technique that can augment your Canada Immigration Points. An education pursued from the maple country is sure to add more weight age to your PR Visa application. So, if you are lacking on CRS scores, you can choose to study a diploma or a certificate course from the maple country.

4. Grab a Qualifying Job Offer from a Canadian Employer

Having a valid job offer from the Canadian employer in the NOC classification level O, A or B can shoot up your CRS scores by 50-200 points. It all depends upon the job offer that you have. Well, getting a valid job offer is not an easy mountain to climb if you are outside Canada, however, there are certain job searching websites with the help of which you can scrounge for a job and get a secured job offer letter from any employer.

5. Obtain a Relevant Work Experience

Nevertheless, Canadian Work experience is more valued than Non-Canadian Work Experience. So, if you have only one year of work experience, it’s advisable to keep working! Well, to apply for Canada PR, having an experience of 12 months is mandatory, however if you want to ameliorate your CRS scores, you need to gain more years of work experience. Also, you can work in Canada on a work permit if you want to give a major boost to your scores.

6. Gain Proficiency in French Language

Recent Canada Immigration news says that from now onwards, a candidate will receive 50 additional points for having strong French proficiency skills (even if French is your second language), earlier this was 30. Also, if a candidate is proficient in both the languages such as English and French, 25 CRS points will be given (Earlier it was 15). So, if you are low on CRS, you can spare some time and gain proficiency in French language. (To prove your French language proficiency, you need to appear for TEF).

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7. Include Your Spouse in the PR Visa application

Candidates with a lower score can include their spouse in the application; this in turn will up your game of Canada Immigration. Your spouse’s level of education, work experience, efficiency in language, all will be rewarded. 20 points can be added to your CRS if you showcase your partner’s language test results and 10 points will be added to your existing CRS scores, if you showcase your spouse’s ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report, assessed by WES (World Education Services).

To Juice Things Up

Do you want to move to your dream country in 2021, but having a low CRS score? It is no surprise that immigration is a life changing decision that has the power to transform your life for better. However, you just need to be a little patient if you want to get fruitful results. Canada PR Application Process is a rugged immigration road, but once you become permanent residents of Canada, you can easily access mind-blowing benefits (to mention a few) such as:

  • An ultimate freedom to study, live and work in Canada for a period of 5 years
  • Eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship post living in Canada for 3 years
  • Free Access to top-notch health-care services and medical facilities
  • Free Education from the top-class schools, colleges or universities
  • An insurance coverage
  • Promising Opportunities to climb the ladders of success and shine in the beautiful blue sky
  • Safety and Security

It is a long route which involves a one-time investment, but trust the entire process as in the end, it will give you a perfect worth for your investment without burning a hole in your pocket.