5 reasons your Canadian PR permit application get refused

 Getting a Canada Permanent Residency Visa, is like a dream come true to many. There is lot of endurance and patience required to file and wait for the whole process to get completes and finally setting your hand on your PR. Thus, it is extremely important for you to be cautious of the mistakes that you might do which may cost you losing on your PR as it involves a lot of work, time and money.

Here is the list of 5 possible reasons that might lead to refusal of your application. These are general assumptions and cancellation of your PR may be due to any X-Y-Z reason, but in inside the domain of these 5 main points-

  1. Not eligible to apply: This may be the prime reason for rejection of your application. There is a total of seven immigration programs that are available to an Indian citizen for immigrating to Canada. The eligibility criteria differ from program to program. Therefore, it is really important to first review the program you are applying under and clearly, sets out if you are eligible to apply for that particular program or not. Check your eligibility criteria here.
  2. Misrepresentation of facts: This may be done deliberately or out of fault in reading or understanding certain rules or procedures. Deliberately, if you conceal or distort a fact knowing that you should not. There may also be a genuine mistake by the applicant while filing up certain forms. In both the cases, your application has a fair chance of being rejected.
  3. Not completing the process within given time frame: There is a pre-announced deadline for every step in the whole 6 months process of procuring PR. You need to complete each task and submit each application within that time frame. Any delay in that given time and your application stands the chance of refusal. Therefore, make sure to complete each of the formality within the stipulated time period.
  4. A criminal record: There should not be any criminal background or official record, otherwise your application gets rejected, no matter how well you passed on the other eligibility criteria. This is to make sure that the immigrant who is entering the home country, is safe and is no threat to its citizens, property and other public property concerned.
  5. Non submission of complete documents: There is an extensive list of documents that you need to submit to CIC. Any missing document can land you in great trouble of refusal to your PR application. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult an immigration management company to make sure that your PR gets delivered to you timely and successfully. For any query or information, you can contact Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt Ltd, one of the best immigration consultancy in India, at +91-8447281370 or mail at  info@aptechvisa.com

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