Which is Better Skilled Worker Processing Time? Canada Vs United States

The decision of immigrating to any country is indeed a bold decision and lots of factors are taken into account before finalizing the important decision. One of the factors is processing time. Don’t you think so? The migrants will any day prefer that country in which they have to wait less in order to get their visa approved as compared to the country where the PR processing is very slow.

Let us have a look at two of the most developed countries processing times Canada and United States. We hope that you will get some insight about the differences in processing times.

Canada’s Processing Time is way faster than United States of America with less preventive applications

Let us look at the process of getting permanent resident status for migrants willing to apply for Canada and USA. In USA, the process is called Green Card while for Canada it is called Permanent Resident Card.

On a whole, the Canadian Permanent Residency processing time takes around 6 months and if we say about USA, then you will be surprised as well as shock to know that their overall processing time from start to finish is around 6 years, depending upon the place of application of the migrant and how much lucky they are with processing times.

The timing may depend on the basis of different factors.

The major difference between Canadian Permanent Residence and US Green Card application is that there is no basic requirement of job offer letter or Canadian Work experience in order to apply but for Green Card Application, you require sponsorship from the US employer.

Processing Time for Skilled Worker Immigrants Applying for Canada Permanent Residency

One of the most popular immigration programs under Canadian Permanent Residence is Express Entry. To apply for Express Entry, there is no requirement for Canadian Job offer or work experience. It is not that If you have any work experience, you will not be able to apply for Canada PR. In fact, you might get extra points towards the overall immigration point score.

Though there are some other programs as well that has different PR requirements and processing times, so we will only focus on Express Entry.

The Express Entry Immigration process is divided into two stages:

To apply for Express Entry under Federal Skilled Worker Program, an applicant is required to take Educational Credential Assessment Test, Language Ability Test and then create an express entry profile.

The express entry profile is created online by mentioning key credentials like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability and adaptability factors. The first stage involves scoring at least 67 points out of 100 on Canada Point Assessment Grid for the above mentioned factors.

In the first stage, there is no processing time for creating express entry profile. All the migrants having necessary documents can create and upload an Express Entry profile.

The test stage that is ECA and Language Requirement results take some time to come out. It takes around 12-15 days for language requirement test result and for ECA report it takes around 45 days for the result to get published.

Thus, the profile is then placed in the express entry pool that initiates the second stage of Canada Permanent Residency.

The eligible applicants are placed in the express entry pool where they are placed according to their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. The candidates with the highest CRS score is invited to apply by the Canadian Government.

After receiving ITA, an Express Entry applicant will have 60 days to submit a complete application for permanent residence.

The PR processing time for Express Entry is about 6 months or less for approximately 80 percent of applications.

Processing Time For The Migrants Applying For United States ‘Green Card’

The major pathway for skilled workers willing to obtain a Green Card is through the Employment- based Immigration pathway. Except in extra-ordinary cases in order to apply for the process, a worker must be sponsored by the US employer and the employer is responsible for submitting a portion of the application.

The US employment based green application is a two step process:

The first stage involves the Employer Sponsorship Form that must be submitted by the employer specifying the occupation in question.

The processing time under this stage is 3.5 months to 8.5 months

The second stage involves Green Card Application that is submitted by the foreign national who constitutes the application for permanent resident status and the US Green Card.

The processing time for this stage is around 6 months to 42 months.

The PR processing times for green card applications vary depending on the state and application centre where the forms are submitted, it varies depending upon application to application and place of applying the visa.

We think that it is quite evident that permanent residency of Canada has lesser processing times as compared to America. Many migrants are coming to Canada as it is most preferred immigration destination.

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