Which Courses to opt to be Eligible for Australia PR

There is huge demand of skilled workers in Australia where the local labor are not able to meet the skill requirements. Australia has many such occupations where they need those highly skilled and qualifying workers who can contribute to the growing economy and ultimately fill the labor gaps.

A lot of immigrants are choosing the courses which can help them in getting Australian Permanent Residency.

The educational course under which you apply can play the huge part in successfully securing Australia PR. Although, you must select that occupation in which you have relevant qualification because Australia immigration makes sure that they give PR invitation to those applicants who have the relevant skills in their nominated occupation or closely related occupation.

Hence, the most popular and highly in demand occupational courses that can sure shot help you in getting your Australian Permanent Residency will be discussed in this blog.

Although, these are not only the high demand occupations that are available in Australia labor market. There are many occupations which requires highly skilled and qualified workers in Australia to meet the labor requirements.

Almost every six months, Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection provides a list of occupations which has skill shortages and are important to the Australian economy. The Australian Occupational demand list consists of the occupations that are highly in demand in Australia. There are three occupational demand list:

Here’s is the suggested list of current occupations that are in high demand in Australia. So, if you fall in any of these occupations and are willing to settle in Australia on a permanent basis, make sure to apply before it’s too late.

  • Nursing

Many nurses are above the age of 45 and will be retiring soon. Thus, The Australian Government’s Future Health Workforce report suggested a need of 123,000 extra nurses by 2030. Australia is a relatively old country which has more aged population as compared to the young population. Therefore, more nurses will be needed to take care of the elderly.

If you are a nurse or applied as one, you may also be interested to know about the availability of nurse visa as well as its different types.

  • Other medical/caring professionals

The workers who have specialization in health fields like Psychotherapist, Pathologists, Psychiatrists, Orthopedic surgeons etc. also, there will be more opportunities for the people working under these occupations as they are growing fast. Social Workers, Counsellors are highly sought after in Oz country as well.

  • IT Workers

Due to the increased use of technology and growth of the internet, IT specialists are on the Australia’s most sought after wanted list. A report by The Regional Australia Institute suggested that by 2022, 90 percent of the workforce will require a level of IT proficiency in their everyday jobs and that up to 50 percent of employees would need to have high level of programming, Software Design and coding skills. There is growing demand for experienced app and web developers too.

  • Engineers

Engineers are well in demand in Australia because of the vast expertise in this field. Almost all engineering categories are in demand ranging from electrical, mechanical, industrial, civil, Agricultural, mechanical to aeronautical and many more. A plethora of engineering occupational opportunities are available to the applicants belonging to the Engineering background.

Hence, these were very few occupations that were discussed, if you want to know the detailed list of occupations that are available in the Australia labor market, you must check the Australia Occupational demand list

A continuous and never ending changes are done to the Australia immigration process and the occupations involved in it, thus it is important to seek visa professional advice before lodging any visa application. You may fill the free assessment form to arrange a call back from the experts here at Aptech Global or contact via toll-free number 18001201602 or mail your query to info@aptechvisa.com

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