What are the Possible Reasons for Delay in Your Visa Process?

Australia has become a popular immigration destination because of which Australian Immigration Department receives large number of visa applications round the year.  Thus, the processing time for the visa applications are also affected by the large number of applications received by the immigration officials.

Also, the general Australian PR processing time mentioned by the government are the only indicators mentioning the approximate visa processing time, but they aren’t the exact PR processing time guaranteed. Sometimes, visa are process earlier while sometimes it’s late.

There are a number of reasons of why your application process is delayed:

  • The number of applications received by the immigration department

Usually, the immigration department of Australia receives visa application forms in high numbers which delays the PR Processing time of the applicants whose score is not good enough because in such cases, an applicant scoring good immigration point is ranked first in the queue.

  • The immigration officials requires additional information

In some cases, the Australian immigration department might request additional information before coming to a conclusion (of granting visa). In that case, they may contact you or your migration agent (if any) to tell what they need and when they need. If you fail to provide the requested documents, it may result in delay of your visa file.

  • The error found in application

We all are Humans and we do some mistakes, especially if making visa application by ourselves. It is easy to misread the form or provide incorrect information by accident when there is no one to guide in your application process. That is why it is important to make sure that your applications are 100 percent correct and complete before submitting your application form. A minute error found in your application form can result in delay as well as further scrutinizing by the government which will further delay your application.

If you are not sure about how to apply for Australian Permanent Residency process, it is best to engage with a migration agent, as they will make sure that your application is complete in all aspects before submitting it off to the Government. Hiring a migration agent can definitely help you in the long run of your visa application process.

Further to avoid any mistakes in your documentation stage, it is better to read about the documents required for 189/190visa

  • Your application profile is different and thus, may require more time for assessment

It is known fact that the actual PR processing time varies from application to application and immigration officials also assess them on a case-by-case basis. So, there might be chances of ‘A’ person receiving their application results within few months, whereas it might not be same for you or other person. Hence, there is no need to panic if don’t receive your application result quickly.

Thus, apart from these reasons, there can be other petty reasons of delay in your application process. If you are highly worried, it’s best to consult a registered and reputable visa and immigration agent ‘Aptech Global’ because of their in-depth knowledge about the Australia PR process and step by step guidance for the same.

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