What Are The Essential Items to Get Canada PR Visa in 2019?

The year 2018 is about to end and with the coming up of New Year comes more immigration invitations to the applicants seeking permanent residency for Canada.

Are you also planning to come and apply for Canada PR? Do you know the basic steps and how can you proceed with your Canada PR application for better immigration chances? Below mentioned are some key tips that will highlight how you must prepare your PR application for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Let us have a look at below-mentioned application tips for all types of Canada PR application namely express Entry programs, Provincial Nominee Programs, and Family Class Programs.

  1. Check The Canada PR Program in Which You Are Eligible

Canada offers many immigration programs for the migrants seeking permanent residency options. There are programs available for every migrant on the basis of their preference and eligibility requirement. Some programs like Express Entry are point-based while others like provincial nomination programs are point-based, Expression of Interest, job offer letter, family connection, etc. and Family Sponsorship Programs, etc.

Well, so many visa programs might have confused to select one, you may ask for assistance from the visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global to have a clear idea about which visa category to pursue. Thus, you must decide the best immigration pathway for better Canada PR chances.

  1. Getting Immigration Guidance From an Immigration Experts

The selection of the right category of visa can be a daunting task, although applying alone for Canada PR is also possible but little help does not harm anyone, isn’t it? In fact, with the expert immigration guidance the chances of applying Canada PR also increase. There are experienced immigration experts of Aptech Global who can help you in applying for Canada PR.

  1. Furnish Documentation in Advance to Save Time

During the course of your PR application, the Canadian Immigration Department asks you to submit certain essential documents that take longer to process. For example- arrangement of transcripts is quite a daunting task and time consuming as well. So, it is suggested to arrange documents well in advance. However, if you wait till the time the Canadian Government notifies you, there is fear of you losing out on time unnecessarily.

The other example could be police background checks, some countries law enforcement agencies typically issue these background checks within weeks while some take days or even weeks with little or no fuss. So, depending upon your situation you must furnish the work reference letters, and other documents, etc.

  1. Double Check Then Triple Check

Some of the PR applications are delayed or rejected not because of the ineligibility of the applicants but because of other reasons like inability to provide sufficient documents, unable to read the instructions or confirm an assumption or address a concern. Therefore it is suggested to check and triple check before submitting application form and documents. 

  1. Follow the Checklist

There is no single checklist for immigration to Canada; you will be provided the document checklist on the basis of your specific circumstances and the immigration program you are applying to. You are advised to procure every item mentioned on the document kit.

  1. You Must Provide Complete and Accurate Document Checklist

IRCC expects you to provide the items mentioned on the list and if you are unable to provide some of the documents for whatever reason, IRCC will ask you the reason about same. Thus, you must be complete and accurate especially when providing the reasons of non-availability of certain documents.

  1. Keep Tracks of Expiry Dates

You must keep track of expiry dates of the documents to avoid any last-minute glitches. The documents are as follows:

  • Passport
  • Work Permit/Study Permit
  • Bank Statements
  • Police Background Checks
  • Language Test result sheet
  • Medical assessment test report

Additionally, for your own benefit it is suggested to keep a system of reminder or alerts to help you in Canada PR application.

  1. Update IRCC About Any Changes in Your Application File

If there is any recent happening in your life like coming up of a new member- spouse or baby before submitting your PR application and you want them to accompany you in Canada, it is necessary from your part to communicate the same to IRCC and follow the desired procedure.

It is suggested to keep up-to-date with your visa application by mentioning key and minute happenings as well to IRCC.

  1. You Should Be Truthful When Applying For Canadian Permanent Residence

You should be honest with your case when applying for Canadian Permanent Residence. For Example- If the Express Entry applicant has been found providing false or misleading information, a person can be banned from re-entering the pool or even from entering Canada for five years. Thus, it is hugely important to provide accurate and correct information.

Know More About Canada PR Visa Latest Process & Requirements

Therefore, Canada Permanent Residency is a step by step method to live and work in Canada on a permanent basis. Every PR program has its own way of nominating potential applicants. The above-mentioned tips might help you in applying for Canada PR.

If you wish to know more about Canada PR programs and different chances, it is suggested to fill the free assessment form and Aptech Global visa and immigration experts will contact you to discuss Canada PR case. 

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