These Steps Might Help you get Invitation from the Pool Earlier!

Waiting in the Express Entry Pool since a long time? It is high time to take action as your profile comes with a validity of1 year only. So before it expires, let us look at steps which can get you an early invitation. Since getting Invitation is directly linked to your Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS), a high score is needed to improve your position in the pool.

If current credentials of yours are not worthy of selection, then there are ways which can make you earn extra points! 

1. Your Spouse

Your Spouse can make you earn extra CRS in two ways. One is getting your spouse’s Education assessed (through process called ECA). Also, if your spouse can appear for IELTS examination, extra points again can be added to your current CRS for Spouse’s language proficiency. 

2. Your language skills

By improving your current proficiency in English language, you can make improvements in your prevailing CRS. IELTS examination can be re-appeared for as many times as possible till the time you are satisfied with your score. The best you can earn is CLB 10 which is-

Reading - 8

Writing – 7.5

Speaking – 7.5

Listening – 8.5

3. Nomination while in the pool

Do you know that a whopping 600 CRS can be claimed by you up on getting nomination from any of the Canadian provinces?

To get a nomination, you have to satisfy criteria of any particular province and then apply for the program once their quota opens.

More about Provincial Nomination

4. Job offer letter while in the pool

Another factor that can make you earn extra CRS points is having a Job offer letter from Canada.

The system of Canada Immigration has not kept employment as mandatory requirement, but has a provision of extra CRS under ‘Arranged Employment’ factor.

A Job offer from Canada can make you earn up to 200 points (maximum), minimum being 50 points (depends on your National Occupation Code). 

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