Job Vacancies in Canada Increased Over by 25% in 2018

From the last Quarter of 2017 till the end of first quarter of 2018, there has been 4,70,000 Job vacancies re-opened across Canada. Interesting? It has also been observed that majority of these Jobs vacancies are full time with average hourly wage of CAN$ 20.10.

Job vacancies in different Provinces of Canada:

Quebec: The province of Quebec has 29,185 Job vacancies which makes Quebec a province with highest Job vacancies. Since this is the only French speaking province in an English dominant country, the figures are believable.

Ontario: The province with maximum immigrants has Job vacancies of about 28,085 in numbers. 

Alberta: 8,890 Job vacancies has been there since the last quarter of 2017. The job vacancy ratio in Alberta province remains this high, year after year.

Prince Edward Island: The smallest province of Canada has Job vacancies of about 285- a negligible number for a province.

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Job vacancies by Industrial sectors:

In the final quarter of 2017 and by the first quarter of 2018, following industrial sector has Job vacancies-

1)     Retail Trade

2)     Accommodation and Food Services

3)     Health care

4)     Manufacturing

5)     Administrative Services

6)     Construction

7)     Transportation

8)     Wholesale trade

9)     Educational Services


Job vacancies by Occupational categories:

In the final quarter of 2017 and by the first quarter of 2018, following occupational categories has Job vacancies-

1)     Sales and Services

2)     Trades, Transport and operators

3)     Business, Finance and administration

4)     Natural and applied sciences

5)     Health

6)     Education, law & order and government services

7)     Manufacturing and utilities

8)     Management

9)     Natural resources, agriculture and related occupations

10) Art, culture and sports


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