How Can an Applicant Land Job in Canada on PR Visa?

People migrate to Canada in search of good job opportunities and when they are not able to secure a job as per their requirement, they feel agitated and depressed.

But, the question arises why they are not able to get an employment? There is plethora of job opportunities for the right kind of worker who is skilled and qualified.

The jobs in Canada are only meant for those who have the experience skills. The applicants in Canada are expected to work hard to learn new skills in the country. It is easy to get an employment in Canada once you understand the basic requirement needed by the employer from your side.

Therefore, in this blog we will discuss what all is required for job opportunity chances in Canada labour market.

Below mentioned are few tips that might help you in reaching the right employer for employment in Canada!

  • Eagerly Learn Canadian Skills

It is important to know about a country where you are living in, especially the language spoken there. Same is in Canada you must have a strong hold over the English or French Language. As the majority of the population is English and French Speaking, you should try to improve your language proficiency. Without this kind of command, surviving in Canada will be tough. However, Canada has far better working and living environment as compared to India. Nothing comes easy and so is the employment in Canada. no one will spoon feed you and provide opportunities in whatever you do. There is a need to pave your own path in order to get successful. You must pre prepared to handle the challenges of new situation at work, and handle them with optimism.

Additionally, you must learn the new skills to be ahead of others. There are jobs in Canada that requires some enhancement of skills from you and you should be prepared to incorporate such skills.

It is indeed a true information that Canada is in need of skilled workers but if you are not willing to work hard and does not possess the require skills then going to Canada can prove to be a waste of time for you.

It is also known that jobs in Canada for IT sector and other industries are very high! And if you have the right connections and know whom to contact, you can easily get a job. In fact, there are so many job assistance portals where you can apply for the job based on your preference and skills.

Canadian employers are ready to take a Skype Interview for you as well!

  • Presence on Various Online Job Portals

You must create your job profile on various online job portals and connect with the job bank of Canada to help you in assisting for right kind of employment. Also, you must enrol yourself with the local recruitment agencies that can update you with the latest employment opportunities.

It is suggested that any applicant willing to get hired by the Canadian employers must make their LinkedIn profile as well. it is seen that usually, Canadian employers ask for a LinkedIn profile of the applicants showing desire to work in Canada. Through LinkedIn profile you are able to inform employers how you are the right candidate for the job skills needed. The employers can easily believe that your experience is genuine by going through LinkedIn profile.

  • Resume Must be up to Date and According to the Canadian Standards

Canadian employers don’t want someone who has lot of education but an employee who has a job description as required by a Canadian employer. Therefore, you must create a resume that has specific skills required by the Canadian employers. Apart from the education and experience not needed by the employers for a particular job description. The resume must include the job-related skills that are to be necessarily focused upon for the purpose of getting a job.

Therefore, if you are a master in your work experience and can impress Canadian employers with your skills, language ability and command over subject, you will definitely be able to land a job in Canada with your permanent residency.

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