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Express Entry Canada Requirements to Receive an ITA

Nov 29, 2018

Express Entry system is a popular Canada immigration program which is an electronic and point-based process aims at nominating potential candidates who are able to contribute in Canadian economy with their skills, qualifications and previous work experience. The Express Entry process involves the federal government as well as the provincial governments and assesses the Canada PR applications on the basis of factors like age, education, experience, language skills and adaptability.

Express Entry Eligibility requirements for Canada PR visa

Express Entry program follows a certain eligibility criterion. The point-based system evaluates each and every profile on the basis of these eligibility factors which are as follow:

  • Language Proficiency:  Canada requires candidates who are proficient in English and/or French. In order to be eligible for Canada PR visa, at least 6 bands in each module are required in IELTS language test.
  • Education Qualification: one of the most basic requirement by Canada immigration is educational qualification. An ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) has to be presented by the candidate to verify the candidate’s degree certificate. The candidate must have a post-secondary education degree from a recognized institute which is equivalent to Canada education.
  • Proof of funds: To prove eligibility for Canada PR, the candidate is required to present a minimum set of funds or net worth to show that they are able to provide for themselves and family overseas. A candidate who has a job offer from a Canadian employer does not need to show such funds
  • Work experience: A minimum of 1 year experience (paid, full-time) in the past 10 years is required by Canada immigration authority. A skill assessment report by a valid assessing authority has to be presented by the candidate
  • Health and Character Requirements: the candidate must have a health certificate stating that he/she does not have an incurable, communicable disease (such as AIDS and Hepatitis) and a character certificate testing police clearance

Calculate CRS Points to Start Your Immigration Process

In order to be eligible to enter the Express Entry pool, a candidate has to score a minimum CRS of at least 400 CRS points.

The latest draw of Express Entry that was declared on November 28th 2018 nominated 3,900 applicants from the Express Entry pool with the CRS score of 445 or above. The 105th draw of Express Entry for the tenure of 2018 dropped its CRS point cut-off by 4 points since the last draw held on November 15th 2018 with 449 CRS or above points.

Check The Latest Express Entry Draw 2018

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