Canada’s Birthright Citizenship in Nutshell!

One of the easiest ways of becoming a Canadian citizen is by birth! Do you know that being born in Canada automatically makes you a Canadian Citizen? This is called birthright citizenship.

This citizenship states that anyone born in Canada no matter whether their parents immigration status, is a Canadian Citizen.

Birthright Citizenship has again came into limelight because the Conservative Party of Canada has indicated the need of ending Birthright Citizenship. The party reason of closing the Birthright Citizenship is to reduce the number of people coming to Canada just to have babies to receive Canadian Citizenship. Unfortunately, the party members have supported this move and very soon, we might hear that Birthright Citizenship is no longer active. Though, other political parties have disapproved the decision to end Birthright Citizenship.

Understanding Birthright Citizenship

As mentioned above, the Birthright Citizenship explains the principle that people born in Canada becomes its citizen by birth automatically. The conservative party is now initiating the steps to change the law so that only children of permanent residents or Canadian citizens receive the citizenship by birth.

Currently, Canada and United States are the only few countries left that grants birthright citizenships. Other countries like New Zealand and Australia restrict their birthright laws to the children of permanent residents and citizens.

If not Birthright Citizenship, then what are the other alternatives for Citizenship?

Well, being born in Canada is not sole option to get Canadian Citizenship. You may also get considered for Canadian citizenship if you are born overseas and one or both of your parents or grandparents are citizens.

Alternatively, there are other immigration pathways that lead to Canadian Citizenship. So, if any of the above mentioned ways fail, you always have the route to apply through permanent residency visa programs. Though, you are required to become permanent resident first and after being PR holder for at least three years can apply for Canadian Citizenship.

With proper immigration route and Canada PR steps procedure, you can become permanent resident. The PR processing time nowadays is less than 6 months. There are different routes to apply for Canada PR like Family Sponsorship Program, Express Entry Program and Business Investment Visa categories. If you are foreign skilled worker or international student, you have plethora of visa options to select for Canada PR.

As Skilled Worker, the best possible visa program is Express Entry that allows skilled and qualified workers to live and work in Canada for indefinite period of time.

After becoming permanent resident of Canada, you can work towards receiving Canadian citizenship. Though, in order to apply for Citizenship, you are required to stay in Canada as PR holder for at least 3 years out of five years. Though, staying in Canada for three years need not to be consecutive. As long as you are in Canada, you can apply for Canada PR anytime in three years.

Till now, Birthright Citizenship is an important part of Canada’s Immigration policy.

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