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Can I apply for Australian PR without any consultants

Thu, May 03 2018

Though you can apply for Australia Permanent Resident Visa on your own, I suggest you not to do so. You should always hire a consultant before starting your PR process.

Let me tell you why.

1)     Australian immigration systems and processes are often complicated. Since an ordinary man lacks knowledges of technicalities as well as in-depth knowledge of Immigration Industry, it is better to hire a representative consultancy which can take care of your immigration case

2)   A consultancy not only helps you with your case, it also gives you additional benefits, such as Job assistance in Australia. Having a Job prior to your immigration is not mandatory. However, having a job is add on advantage which may get approval of your EOI sooner.

3)   A consultancy takes care of your documentation and makes sure that each and every document is submitted well in time. With a hired consultant you are most likely to miss the deadlines of submissions.

4)   Australian immigration consultant is well-versed with every movement that is there or will be coming in the market. Thus, they can manage your case more effectively. Keeping yourself updated and informed all the time won’t be possible for a family person.

5)    A consultant also provides you with services of Skill assessment reports, IELTS assistance and study material, etc. so that you can immigrate to the country of your dreams without any hassle.

To get a detailed view in this regard, contact our team of experts you can also fill in our FREE Assessment Form to evaluate your chances for Australia PR visa. Also you can read AptechVisa rating to know about out previous clients’ feedback.

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