Australia Permanent Residence-first step towards Australian Citizenship

Australia is a favorite country among migrants to immigrate not only it provides opportunities in abundance but also getting Australian citizenship is a cherished status, and thus, it is not a matter of surprise that the comprehensive community of migrants want to be an Australian citizen.

As per the information available,over 5 million people have received Australian citizenship. A ceremony is being conducted to honor the new citizens where they pledge their loyalty, and in return Australian government grants them the rights and duties of an Australian.

What can Australian citizenship give you?

As an Australian citizen, you are entitled with so many benefits:

  • The right to vote
  • The right to apply for the Australian passport
  • The right to take part in specific visa plans with nations all around the world
  • The right to contest elections in the Australian administrations
  • The right to do jobs in the Australian government
  • The right to call your kids born in Australia as the nation’s citizens
  • The chance to have kids born as the nation’s citizens in case born on-shore
  • The right to connect with the Embassy of Australia or consular security when abroad
  • Immunity from being exiled from Down under unless you received your citizenship via unlawful methods
  • The right to become the key part of the Australian society

How to get Australian citizenship?

You must explore the most appropriate way to acquire the Oz citizenship. There are basically two broad categories of getting citizenship:

  • Descent- when you lay your claim for citizenship, either by your parentage, or location of birth
  • Conferral- when you seek citizenship on the basis of your visa standing.

Hence, for second case, you must be a permanent resident of Australia.

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The following mentioned points are the cases in which you may apply for the Australian citizenship

  1. Born in Australia

A child born in Australia having at least one parent, who has either the nation’s citizenship or an Australian permanent residency, automatically becomes the citizen of the nation

  1. Parents have Australian citizenship

You may ask for an Australian passport just because of your parent(s) has one, in case your parent claimed citizenship, then it is mandatory for them to live in Australia for at least two years before your birth.

  1. Partner/close family member is an Australian

If you have a spouse/de-facto partner/partner/ who is a permanent residency holder of Australia, in this case you may apply for Australia Family Visa and after that can apply for Australian citizenship.

  1. An eligible New Zealand citizen

If you are a New Zealand citizen, shifted to Australia before 27 February, 2001 then you can apply for the Australian citizenship without being the permanent resident holder of Australia. However, if you shifted post the mentioned date, you first need to hold the Australia permanent residency and reside there till 10 years. After that, you may apply for Australian citizenship.

  1. You obtain Australia Permanent Residency and stay in Australia

Apply for Australia PR under different visa categories, the most common being the skilled migration visas that allows you to live and work in Australia.

How to Apply for Australia Permanent Residency from India?

Thus, being the holder of Australia PR, you may apply for Australian citizenship if:

  • You have live in Australia for 4 years
  • Not been abroad for over 1 year in those 4 years
  • You have been inside the state for over 90 days in the previous year

If you are able to comply with the above mentioned requirements, then you may apply for the citizenship of Australia.

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