Why Western Canada is Becoming Popular Among Immigrants?

Canada immigration has been in full swing from the last few years. The rise can be seen particularly, in the western part of Canada. Why? Let us understand. The western part of Canada compromises of four popular provinces namely:

  • -  British Columbia
  • -  Alberta
  • -  Saskatchewan
  • -  Manitoba

A large number of foreign immigrants are choosing these provinces as their new home. The reasons might be settled wage system or good standard of living.  Here is the outline of these provinces and their provincial nomination programs:

-   British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program

The provincial nomination program of British Columbia has two streams namely, Express Entry BC and Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). The latter is based on immigration score that are allotted to the candidate on factors, mainly qualification. To be able to apply for this provincial program, the candidate need to have a valid job offer letter from a British Columbia employer.

Apply for British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program

-  Alberta Provincial Nomination Program

Alberta provincial nomination program too, intakes skilled workers to meet the shortages of workers locally. To be eligible, you need to have a Job offer letter from an employer working in the province.

The candidate also need to have a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) confirmation letter.

Apply for Alberta Provincial Nomination Program

-  Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Program

It is indeed a popular program where many Indian immigrants prefer migrating. SINP has three categories of visas to choose from:

a) International Skilled worker category

b) Saskatchewan Experienced Category

c) Entrepreneur and farm category

To be able to apply for this program, a valid SINP job approval is required. There’s no definite Job list, but you are required to be in an occupation within the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Matrix degree "A", "B" or "zero", or in a delegated trade in Saskatchewan.

Apply for Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Program

Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program

Earlier, to migrate to Manitoba, you need to have a sponsorship from a relative living in Manitoba. Now, Manitoba has its own occupation list listing various occupations which are in demand in the province. The province therefore, has been issuing Letter of Advice to apply to applicants interested to migrate to the country in the province of Manitoba. 

Apply for Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program

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