What is The Life in Canada for Indian Immigrants ?

Canada is the top country for Indian migrants to go and settle permanently.

Beautiful lakes, dreamlike snowflakes and mix of ethnicities makes the country a perfect destination for overseas settle.

So how’s it like to live in Canada?

If this question perturbs you, here are few quick glances on the country’s living and working:

  • The country is literally known for one sport- Ice hockey!
  • Canada experiences heavy snowfall every year. For an Indian migrant, it may be a road of chaos to live over during the winter period in the country.
  • Canada is full of migrants. It is therefore that it has a diverse population mix. Due to this, the country faces zero discrimination.
  • Taking NAFT Agreement on note, a Canadian permanent resident can travel and move freely anywhere in US as well as Mexico.
  • The country has bevy of shopping centres, grocery stores, malls and other leisure places to enjoy.
  • Canada is very beautiful architecturally- specially the province of Quebec.
  • The country has golden opportunities in work for foreign migrants, especially the ones with an IT sector experience.
  • It also homes few of the top global universities! Every year, thousands and thousands of students come to Canada to take their education from the world class institutions.
  • There are three official languages in Canada. English, French and third our very own, Punjabi! This because of mass immigration of Indians in the country (Punjabis are prominently found in the province of Manitoba).

The above list is just endless! If you want to know more about Canada and the life you are going to experience, then you can get in touch with our immigration experts. They will guide you further in this regard.

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