What Are The Basic Requirements Of Skill Assessment For Australia PR?

Australia is a no doubt has become a leading immigration destination for the migrants to settle permanently. The potential applicants leave no stone unturned to apply for Australia PR but are often confused about the different stages involved in the process.

Hence, every year thousands of migrants choose to migrate to Australia because of the ever growing employment opportunities and the lifestyle Australia offers.

A lot of time has been given to the detailed process on how to apply for Australia PR but very few give the in-depth description about the sub-stages involved in Australian Permanent Residency.

Out of them, the most important is skill assessment under skill migration visa programs that allows skilled and qualified workers to come and work as skilled worker in Australia on permanent basis to contribute towards the growing economy of Australia.

Skill Assessment is one of the important stages under General Skill Migration Program without which the applicant will not be able to apply for permanent residency of Australia.

This you may know that under point based migration, you select occupation that is listed on Australia’s Occupational Demand List. This list mentions those occupations which are in short-supply in the labour market. Every occupation mentioned on the list has its own skill assessing authority. It is extremely important to have a positive skill assessment report in order to proceed towards the next stage.

The candidates must fulfill the required conditions set up by the assessing authority that will evaluate their occupation. The candidates must have a relevant qualification and experience in order to get positive skill assessment.

Your occupation and work experience must be in accordance with each other because if your qualification and work experience differ, there might be chances of skill assessing authority deducting the years more than expected.

Additionally, make sure to submit the documents that are true and complete to skill assessment authority as minute discrepancy in your documents can lead to negative report. Try to submit every additional detail in order to seek more clarity from the skill assessing authority. Therefore, your documents should be able to support your qualifications and experience. Checkout the documents required for Australia PR.

The occupations under IT, Computers are accessed by different authority like ACS (Australian Computer Society) whereas trade occupations like painting and decoration are assessed by TRA (Trade Recognition Australia) or VETASSESS (Vocational Educational and Training Assessment Services)

What are the factors that are considered by assessing authority?

There are some factors on which skill assessing authorities’ lays sharp emphasis and these includes:

  • The occupation in you nominated yourself
  • Your qualifications
  • Your work experience
  • The relevance of your work and occupation
  • The visa category in which you are applying

Hence, you must submit every possible document that will increase your immigration chances and get you positive skill assessment. You may submit your certificates, experience letters, and academic transcripts etc.

Most importantly, you must have language assessment test sheet ready as some skill assessment bodies do ask for your report in the skill assessment stage.

The most popular language test formats for Australia PR are IELTS, and PTE.

Check what English language score is required for Australia PR

Skill Assessment analyzes your education and work experience, thus, there are following important documents that you must submit for work experience:

  • Payslips
  • Employer reference letters
  • Recent bank statements that shows salary credits

Therefore, Skill Assessment is an essential factor and above information may help you in getting positive skill assessment report.

For any further information in this regard, you may fill the free assessment form and connect to one of our experts of Aptech Global.


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