Ways to Introduce Australian Visa

Australia is a magnificent country that has always attracted people from across the world. Its holistic environment and picturesque destination is something that almost everyone wants to see in person. This is the reason of Australia receiving a large number of tourists as well as immigrants applications round the year. An increasing number of applicants are migrating to Australia for a better standard of living. With Aptech Global at your assistance, you too can fulfill your dream of getting an Australian Visa.

Australia is a land full of opportunities

Australia is a developed country and thus, has a prodigious economic growth. It is an ocean offering job opportunities for the immigrants as well as for the people of Australia.

Hence, this is the reason of Australia offering several different types of visas to give right applicant an opportunity to live and work in Australia along with solving problem of skill shortage. The reason for Australia’s booming economy is the great number of immigrants coming to Australia to further boost and contribute in Australia’s development.

Which are the different Australian visa available?

The department of Australian immigration offers visa in different categories and some of them are:

  • Australia Visitor Visa
  • Australia General Skilled Migration visa
  • Australia Business Category visa
  • Australia family sponsor visa

Out of them, the most famous Australia visa is Skilled Migration visas which comes under Australia general skilled migration scheme. There are different subclasses available for the workers who are highly qualified and skilled in their field of expertise. The most famous subclasses are as follows:

You can apply for Australian permanent residency under skilled migration categories

Also, all these visas are point based visa, where an applicant must score a minimum of 60 points in the Australia immigration point to be eligible to apply for Australia PR. The points are calculated on the basis of:

  • Age
  • Educational Qualification
  • Relevant Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Language Proficiency
  • Other factors

Calculate score using Australia Point System

The other Australian visas are Australia Family sponsor visa which has four streams namely:

Thus, if you wish to migrate to Australia or want to invite your family member to join you in Australia, you may apply under any of the Australia family stream best suited for you.

Aptech Global at your service for Australian Permanent Residency Visa

There are certain rules associated with each Australian visa which are difficult to comprehend sometimes. That is why, you must hire a trusted and reputed visa and immigration consultant. Aptech Global is thus your best choice for Australia PR process.

With proper guidance and procedure process along with the help of determined visa experts, you can maximize your chances of getting an Australian visa.

You may fill the free assessment form to evaluate your chances further.

Additionally, contact us to know how Aptech Global can help you obtain your dream visa.

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