Tips for Immigrants Looking for a Career in Canada

Getting a Canadian Permanent Residence is half battle solved but the next stage of worry is finding a correct and apt job in Canada for sustainable living. With utmost focus and motivation, you can easily find the right job for in Canada. So, it is important to plan thoroughly for getting the suitable employment in Canada.

When someone actively seeks employment and hears ‘You’re hired’, these are the happiest words for any migrants looking for job they really want in Canada.

Therefore, to ease your work and help you in getting employment faster, there are the tips especially compiled for the job seekers applying in Canada. Please read them, understand them, and apply them for successful job employment.

  1. Your CV must be up-to-date

Your CV is the window of your profile! The employers see your CV first and then call you for the face to face interview. Hence, ensure you have carefully crafted and designed the CV according to the Canadian standards. Poorly written resumes will hinder your chances of getting employed in Canada. After all, your CV is the first impression! This stage either makes or breaks your employment chances in Canada.

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  1. Search for jobs selectively

It is important to search jobs in an effective way by responding to the jobs posted in the paper, enrolling yourself with the various job-banks in Canada and do selective search. It is advised to not send same 30 companies the resume and cover letter, mould it according to the organization in which you are sending. Sending same cover letter is the most common mistake that people make.

The effective way of getting employment is networking, informational interviews etc that are widely taken by the potential job seekers in Canada.

  1. Networking is the key

When you first arrive in Canada, you should try to make contacts with people that will help you in Canada in finding accommodation and job opportunity. Thus, newcomers are needed to build new networks to increase their chances of finding career in Canada. The better connection you make, the more chances you get of reference from the known people.

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Additionally, there are other ways to make connections in Canada by joining the professional networks for immigrants. These associations are by the migrants for the migrants. They let you meet professionals in your field lie community groups, clubs, and sports team is another way you can meet new people in Canada.

  1. Be enthusiastic

You must always have a contact for the company in which you have employed and if possible, follow up within a week of submitting your resume to show your interest in the organization. Also, “Thank You” emails after an interview set you apart from other job-seekers applying for the designation.


  • Before you leave home, you must check the city in which you are planning to move has the best job opportunities and work location for you. Say, for an engineer in the oil and gas industry, Calgary makes much more sense than Toronto as a destination. As an IT professional, Ottawa would be better than any other Ontario cities.
  • There are also newcomer reception centres at the Vancouver and Toronto airports.
  • English language is the first language in Canada and you are required to get comfortable with it as soon as possible. The better communicator you are, the higher employment chances you will get.
  • Learn about Canadian Small Talk
  • Attend public seminars, and lectures, get a chance to meet new people to build work relationships with them

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