The Canadian Province Worth visiting-Prince Edward Island

Canada’s colossal land is a gulf of 10 beautiful provinces. Each province of Canada is known for something unique and extraordinary, like Prince Edward Island is known for its exceptional beauty! Let us sum up these striking experiences to enjoy in PEI in 2018:

1)     Gorge on Sea food

Since it is a coastal province, there are lot of delicious sea food options available here. You can gorge on scrupulous lobsters, mussels and oysters. For those with vegetarian taste, PEI’s potatoes are known all over the country and you ought to taste these in any food form you like.

2)     Stroll on beaches

Prince Edward is a province full of beaches. Those who enjoy sunsets with picturesque surroundings, this province is a must visit for you. A town called Charlottetown has some amazing beaches to explore.

3)     Game of golf

For those who like game of golf must have heard about this province once in their lifetime. This is because PEI homes about 33 giant golf courses out of which 10 are regarded as ‘best golf courses’ in the country. A game of golf is thus, a thing to look forward to.

4)     Festivities

Prince Edward is the land of festivals. Every pomp and show is happening here all through the year. Be it popular Shellfish festival or Charlotte festival known for famous musician Anne of Green Gables, PEI is hugely visited for these.

5)     Pay attention to Infrastructure

PEI’s infrastructure is no less than a royal mansion. You cannot miss its popular Meeting & Convention Centre. PEI is an appropriate place to hold events and large festivities at.

6)     Adore the capital town

Prince Edwards’ Capital city is Charlottetown. It has some really amazing places to visit and make memories at. Shopping hubs, beaches, cultural events and everything you can think of is present and actively celebrated at the capital city of PEI.

7)     Easy connectivity

It’s really really easy for you to come and visit different parts of Prince Edward Island. This small province is excellently linked by cars, planes, ships and what not. 

8)     Safest town to explore

When you visit a foreign location for the first time, you tend to have a fear at the back of your mind regarding safety issues. However, Prince Edward is the safest place for foreign visitors/ residents-be it any time of any day. You can easily roam and explore this charming land called PEI!

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