Tasmania State Nomination Policies Revamped

Are you planning to immigrate to Tasmania? Are you aware of the changes which they keep on doing to their immigration programs?

Well, recently Tasmanian Government introduced changes to their skilled visa nomination program. These changes are designed to make sure that the immigrants who are coming to Tasmania should stay for longer duration and be committed to remain in the state. Also, the Tasmania government is focusing on filling the genuine skills shortages.

What all has changed till now?

New Category for overseas applicants (489 visa) – A new category is introduced by the Tasmanian government and that is Skilled regional provisional subclass 489. Offshore applicants are eligible to apply under this category.

Only those immigrants can apply under subclass 489 who have the eligible family members residing in Tasmania.

Labour market testing for ‘Category 2- Job offer’- for skilled regional provisional visa subclass 489 nomination, employer offering employment for a position at ANZSCO skill level 4 or below will need to provide evidence of genuine attempts to recruit workers from the domestic labor market.

For category 2 ‘job offer’ for both 190 and 489 visas: before lodging the application, onshore applicant will only be eligible if they have been working in Tasmania for 3 months.

All the applications will be accessed keeping in mind the Tasmania nomination requirements at the time of lodgment. It is important to ensure that you follow all the immigration rules and policies to avoid any mistake.

Hence, it is better and advisable to keep your eyes open while applying for Australia immigration programs!

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