POE Letter Canada: What You Need to Know

POE letter which stands for ‘Port of entry letter’, is a piece of document that is provided to the applicant by IRCC on the pretext that the applicant has been approved of – a) Study Permit b) Super Visa c) Work permit. Thus, we can call it an instrument through which you get your study/super/work visa.

Also called Introductory letter, this not the actual work or study permit but is a virtual ‘bridge’ that lessens the gap between the applicant and the permit he/she requires. After landing in Canada for work or study purpose, the officials may ask you to provide this introductory or POE letter. If the authorities found it satisfactory, you will get your work or study permit.

Below listed are a few things that the applicant must bear in mind vis-à-vis POE-

  • Your POE letter is valid up to a certain time period after which, it becomes null and void and the applicant then, has to file his/her application again. The date of validity is written on the POE letter under the title- ‘Permit Validity’.
  • In case you lost or damaged the physical copy of your POE letter, you can always ask the authorities in charge to resend it on your online account.
  • It is strongly recommended not to land in Canada for work or study before receiving your POE letter. You will simply be put in the tourist visa category where you cannot work or study. If you receive your POE during your stay in Canada, then you need to go back to your home country and re-enter the port.
  • Due to any unavoidable reasons, if you fail to land in Canada before expiry of your permit validity, then no refund will be initiated by the Canadian authorities in this regard. It is purely at the discretion of the POE letter holder whether to use it or not.

Due to number of complacencies involved in study/work permit, we advise you to go for Permanent Residence Visa instead. There are different Federal Immigration program and provincial nomination program under which a candidate can apply. For any query regarding POE letter or Canada immigration, you can contact our immigration experts at +91-8447281370 or mail at info@aptechvisa.com today.

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Posted By : Akshay
I have received got my passport stamped but I have not receive my Poe letter..please suggest how can I receive the same as early as possible?
19/12/2017 04:07 am

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