Is it Compulsory For The Spouse to Give English Language Proficiency Test for Australian Immigration

Are you planning to immigrate to Australia? You don’t want your spouse to be left alone in your home country and thus, you want to take your spouse along with you to your dream destination ‘Australia’.

Are you aware about the eligibility criteria, the points required, and other basic requirements to be eligible to apply for the Australia Immigration process?

Fret not! This article would focus on the basic requirement which is needed by any applicant to apply for the Australia Immigration process and that is the English Language Proficiency Test.

As you must be aware of the fact that Australian organization is very strict when it comes to the English Proficiency Test because they want that people who are immigrating to Australia must know the Basic English Language otherwise it would be difficult for the applicant to sustain themselves in the English speaking country.

Therefore, in order to check that all the immigrants flocking Australia have the basic knowledge of the English language, Australian government has made it mandatory to give English Language proficiency test.

Hence, not only for the main applicant but the test is also necessary for the secondary applicant.

If you are planning to take your spouse along with you then he/she has to give the English language proficiency test. Both IELTS and PTE are equally famous and acceptable by the immigration officials of Australia to check the English language ability. Hence, you can choose a test in which your spouse can score better.
 Both the IELTS and PTE consist of 4 modules namely Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

Also, Australian Immigration officials have made it mandatory for the secondary applicant to give IELTS and the secondary applicant has to score a minimum grade in order to be eligible for the immigration process.

It must also be noted that giving an exam and securing a decent score would not give additional points to the primary applicant, however, not giving the exam or not scoring the relevant score would invite you to pay a fees of 4000$ to the Australian government as a fees for English proficiency test.

Therefore, the spouse must score a minimum of 6 band in IELTS, and for PTE Academic the minimum required score is 50.

You must also bear this in mind that a good IELTS or PTE score of your spouse doesn’t guarantee you the Australia Immigration, it solely depends upon your overall score and skill assessment. But, a good score does brightens the chances.

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Therefore, do all the preparations well in advance to avoid paying any un-necessary fees and make sure that your spouse gets the desired result. Hence, you can get assistance from us for your spouse IELTS training as we provide IELTS learning material and CD’s for your spouse smooth preparation for English language test. 

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