Immigration in Today’s time

When people cross borders in order to settle from native country to destination country, they are called migrants and this process is what we today known by the name ‘Immigration’. In the last few decades, there has been a sharp increase in the immigration rate, especially from developing country to advanced nations.

The reason probably is the increasing demand of skilled workers looking for a better standard of living, better pay,better job opportunities and so on. Economically also, to be able to enjoy fruits of advanced technologies in the developed nations, people are looking for chances to go and settle abroad.

There are other push factors too such as great inducements by developed countries to the families of migrants. For example, if you immigrate to Canada by obtaining permanent residency visa, then you enjoy the facilities such as-

  1. Free Child education up to 12th standard
  2. Free Child care, if your baby is born after you settle as PR, in Canada
  3. Free Health insurance
  4. Unemployment insurance of CAN$3,000-4,000
  5. Access to counties like USA and Mexico, under NAFTA agreement; and so on.

Thus, the benefits are huge push factors for migrants across the world.

Immigration is not only beneficial to migrant but also contributes to the host country. The person immigrating adds to further development of the nation, economically. He pays taxes, gives his skilled ideas, votes to select the government, and much more. In the countries like USA, Britain, Germany, the upmarket highest paid skilled jobs are occupied by Non-Americans and Non-Britishers. Many Indians have been working as top businessmen, scientists, doctors and what not. 

In most of the countries, the general imperative is to get Permanent Resident visa, after seeing if you are eligible to apply for it. Check your eligibility here. The duration of its life is 5 years, after which you can extend your visa by paying a nominal amount. If you wish to take up the citizenship of that country, then you can apply for it after spending consecutive 3 years of time.  However, in some countries, the rules and policies have now started building to constrict the immigration and citizenship allowance, majorly to curb crimes. As free mobility of people from one place to another, the world has become a global village, but has also managed to attract negative forces like crimes and wrongdoings in the name of immigration. Therefore, it is better to research about the country thoroughly, before deciding to migrate. Countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand are quite welcoming to Indians and also has an easy procedure to apply for permanent residency.  If you wish to migrant to such beautiful countries which are currently in demand of your skills and expertise, then you can apply for a Permanent Resident Visa here. You can also drop a mail at info@aptechvisa.comor give us a call at +91-8447281370 for further details about different programs available for immigration to your desired countries. 

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