How to increase your Australia Partner Migration Program chances?

A person who is missing their family situated miles away from them in Australia has the option of migrating to them on ‘Australia Family Sponsorship’.

Well, as a de facto partner/spouse/partner of the permanent resident/Australian Citizen or an eligible New Zealand you may apply for Australia Partner Migration Program. You must provide genuine relationship proofs to the immigration department in order to apply for Australia Partner Migration.

The partner visa subclass 100 allows the spouse or common-law partner of an Australian Citizen or permanent resident holder to come and live with their partners in Australia for indefinite period of time. Before granting permanent visa, the Australian immigration department grants temporary subclass 309 visa.

The Australian immigration department every year invites around 50,000 migrants under Australia Partner Visa category. The visa process is complex for partner migration and thus requires expert opinion for better immigration chances.

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So, what are the steps to increase the immigration processing for Australia Partner Visa?

To speed up the Partner Visa application, you are required to submit application that is backed up by the proper documents and evidences to claim that your relationship is of genuine nature. If you are able to provide the relevant details as and when required there are good chances of getting a fast and favourable outcome.

If you submit complete document file along with application form, the current processing time as per DIBP will get cut-down considerably. Also, Australia Partner Visa from India application fee is relatively costly as per other migration programs. The Australia PR fees are set at $7,160.

Wish to know how to speed up your Australia Partner Visa Application?

There are few tips that might help you in speeding up Partner Visa Application:

  • Complete documents with your identity and character requirements must be submitted
  • You must submit proof of having a genuine and committed relationship with an Australian partner or de facto partner
  • You must meet the character requirements of Australia
  • Your sponsor must not have sponsored anyone else in the last five years
  • You must show that you are in committed, long-term relationship and you know each other families and their backgrounds
  • You must also show the proof of having joint accounts
  • A proof of how social you are as a couple by submitting proof of your joint activities, invitations etc.
  • Also, provide evidence of how you both met and developed your relationship

The immigration cap for Australia Family Migration Program has been already fixed at 57,400 places out of which 47,825 places are allotted to Partner Visas.

Hence, if you want to apply for Australia Partner Visa, fill the free assessment form and let the visa experts evaluate your immigration case for Australia Partner Visa.

One of the visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global would contact you soon to discuss Australia PR query.

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