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How to Work in Canada Without a Work Permit?

Aug 18, 2019

A Work permit to Canada is legal permission to take up employment in the country and receive a mutually decided compensation from the employer operating in Canada. While a work permit gives you limited freedom in the country, there are other ways as well through which you can take up work, live, settle and enjoy infinite benefits.

Option 1: Permanent Resident Visa

Canada Permanent Resident (PR) visa is a visa which allows you to stay, work and live of your terms in Canada for an indefinite time period.

Being a Permanent Resident, the Government of Canada nourishes you with various welfares and aids. Few of those are:

1)     Free Healthcare Services

2)     Free Education up to 12th standard

3)     Subsidized education post-high school

4)     Monthly unemployment allowances

5)     Monthly allowances for Children born in Canada ($800 per month)

6)     Recognition under Canadian law and order

7)     Right to apply for Citizenship after spending 3 consecutive years in the country

8)     Other Social Security benefits

Thus, a PR visa not only allowss you to work and live in the country, but but it also givess you the status of a Resident with a a bagful of utilities.


Am I eligible to apply for Canada PR visa?


Option 2: Visitor visa

This is a short-term option for those who first want to get the first-hand experience on the life and work environment in Canada, before applying for a Permanent Resident Visa.

A visitor visa to Canada lets you come and stay in the country for a specific period of time.

To apply for a Visitor visa, you need to have a ‘Purpose of Visit’ to be submitted in written along with other documents as demanded the process.

On a visitor visa, you can assess the environment and work culture prevailing in Canada and can also search for jobs or apply for Jobs. After coming back to your country, you can then apply for a PR visa.

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Option 3: Get Sponsorship to Canada

One final option with you to be able to go and work in the country is to apply for the Sponsorship Program.

Canada has this provision for you, in case you are having any relative of yours currently residing in Canada as a Permanent Resident or a Citizen.

Such relative of yours, if agrees to sponsor you (willing to sign a Sponsorship Deed with you), then this can be your entry ticket to Canada.

Be certain on the fact that this relative must be- a) older than 18 years of age b) currently a resident/citizen of Canada c) financially independent to sponsor you.


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With these options at your disposal, you need not apply for a work permit which is short-lived. Apply for full-fledged immigration to Canada via Permanent Resident Visa!

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