How to File for Australia PR in Easy Steps?

Australia follows a point based immigration system which is highly organized and systematic. Below are the key steps which must be taken into account before filing Australia Immigration process. 

How to file for Australia PR in easy steps?

  • Fill out our assessment form

Fill the assessment form for your Australian immigration evaluation.

  • Face to face/online consultation

Aptech Global visa experts will provide you with the key information about the Australia Immigration process, different visa categories which can get you the permanent residency in Australia.

  • Do the technical evaluation

The research department will do a technical evaluation of your profile. Before starting your immigration process, they will check whether you are eligible to apply or not, what is your tentative score and only after receiving a positive report, your case is processed forward.

  • Get your file ready

Gather all the relevant documents and certificates as required

  • Choose an occupation from the STSOL/MLTSSL

Nominate your occupation from the in-demand Australian skilled occupational list

  • Get your skill assessment done

According to your profile, a recognized authority will assess your skills. You must receive a positive skill assessment report in order to move further.

  • Submit online EOI

Submit expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect online by mentioning all the key information about your profile

  • Get selected for ITA

If your profile interests Australia states or employers, you will get an invitation to apply for the PR visa in Australia.

  • Apply for Australia PR

After receiving your ITA, you can apply for Australian permanent residency within 60 days.

How can Aptech Global help you in getting Australia PR?

The visa experts of Aptech Global help the applicants in filing the visa application form, creating online profile, arranging documents, following up with the application with visa office and so on.

The experienced Aptech Global counselors always try to ensure that the applicant file is prepared in an accurate manner to avoid any rejection or denial from the office.

If you wish to connect with the experts, you can get free online assessment for your Australia immigration process.

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