How Many Years do You Have to Live in Australia to be a Citizen?

Australia is a dream country for the migrants who wish to live and work there, offering plethora of working opportunities for their better standard of living. A person who is highly qualified and skilled, having job occupation in high demand in Australia are most likely to receive invitation from the Australian government to live and work in their country.

In this way, Australia labor gap will also be filled along with the contribution to their economy by the skilled workers.

A person who wishes to migrate Australia will also think about getting Australian citizenship as well- a cherished status, and hence, it will not be surprising to see migrants want to become an Australian citizen.

As per the recent statistics, over 5 million people have already received citizenship so far and many more are in the queue of becoming one.

How can one become an Australian citizen from India?

Although, there are two ways through which one can become Australian citizen:

  • Descent, where you can claim your citizenship by parentage, or location of birth
  • Conferral, where you seek citizenship on the basis of your visa

Well, coming from India to get Australian citizenship, the first option is omitted and the only way to get an Australian citizenship is through getting Australian PR

While applying for your citizenship make sure that you have lived in Australia for three consecutive years out of five years, only then you are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship under conferral category.

Say for example, as a permanent resident of Australia, you stay in Australia for one year and after that you came back to your home country for 6 months and then you went back again to Australia to resume your work. In that case, your three years will be calculated from the time you are in Australia on consecutive basis for 3 years. This is the current requirement for the citizenship. Undeniably, based on individual conditions, you may or may not get citizenship even after the minimum stay qualifications. You have to go through a citizenship test as well.

Therefore, it is very important and mandatory to be a permanent resident first, apply for Australia Permanent Residency now!

There are many visas through which you may apply for Australia PR, but the most famous are skilled migration visas namely:

  • Skilled Independent visa subclass 189
  • Skilled nominated visa subclass 190
  • Skilled regional provisional subclass 489

The above mentioned visas are the route to your Australian citizenship.

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