Everything you Need to Know About Australia Point System

Have the ambition to live and work in Australia? Are you aware of the point system which exists in Australia to enter as a skilled migrant? The main purpose of the said ‘point test’ is to ensure that the skilled migrants can be of real economic benefit to Australia.

Thus, the General Skilled Migration visas, heavily relies on the points you score in the Points Test which in turn counts on your skills and experience. Hence, this blog will help you know about the Australia Point System and your chances to improve skilled migration visas approval.

If you are applying through employer sponsored or Australia family stream, you do not need to calculate points. Here at Aptech Global, we are often asked about how the Australia point system works and how many points are required to achieve the eligibility criteria to apply for Australian skilled migration visas.

The points system

Australia follows a point based system to migrate the potential applicants under skilled migration visas.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection calculates the points based on following categories:

  • Age
  • Educational Qualification
  • Work-Experience
  • Relevant skills
  • English Language ability
  • Other factors

An applicant must score minimum of 60 points to be eligible to apply for Australia PR under skilled migration category. Some points are awarded against the categories mentioned above and the total overall score is thus calculated by adding the points awarded against those categories.

The points system Explained


  • Any migrant who want to apply for skilled migration visas must be under 45 years of age.
  • The maximum points which you can get from the age factor is 30 points and minimum you get is 15 points.

#Educational Qualification

  • The maximum points awarded towards your educational qualification is 20 points and minimum is 10 points
  • There are some other educational requirements as well, which if you fulfill, you will be awarded 5 points

#Relevant Skills

  • A highly skilled and qualified worker can get up to the maximum of 20 points and minimum of 5 points in Australia. And when offshore, the maximum points awarded are 15 and minimum points 5.

#English Language ability

  • The score of English language test gives 20 maximum points

#Other Factors

  • There are other factors as well which further adds the immigration points

To know your immigration points, you must calculate your score using AUSTRALIA POINT CALCULATOR

The Australia Point Calculator is only valid for the skilled migration visas namely:

Thus, anyone who like to permanently migrate to Australia under skilled migration visas must select the skilled visas mentioned above. Calculate your relevant Australia points and must have an area of expertise as outlined on the relevant skilled occupation list.

For further clarifications related to Australia Point Calculator, Australia immigration process, why not give the team at Aptech Global a call? We have good experience in all aspects of migration. And can run through the details of your unique circumstances to assess your eligibility across a range of visas to Australia.

You may contact the experts on the toll-free number 18001201602 or simply mail to info@aptecgvisa.com

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