Documents to File After You Arrive in Canada

Snowy streets, food & wine, cultural celebrations and games of ice hockey are things you must have started dwelling post migrating to the beautiful maple leaf country of Canada. The honeymoon period in Canada is as amazing as you can imagine. But before you settle in Canada, there are few things that you need to checklist as soon as you reach there. Without them, you may land in trouble or may face a harsh discomfort at your new home country.

The following are the documents that you must file after your arrival as a Permanent resident of Canada:

  1. Social Insurance Number

Social insurance number (SIN) is a confidential number that allows you to have access to various benefits/schemes of Canadian government made available for its citizens.

SIN is a nine-digit code that you must keep private. You can easily get your SIN upon submission of your identity proof(s) as demanded by the authority-in-charge, from your nearest Service Point of Canada.


  1. Permanent Resident Card

This is your identity in Canada and therefore, you should acquire your permanent resident card from the Canadian authorities as soon as possible. The card, which is similar to the green card of America, is your entry ticket in Canada, whenever you re-enter the country after your first land. Therefore, you must get your hands on your PR card immediately, post arrival.


  1. Health Insurance Card

Canada’s government actively contribute in giving free/subsidized health care to its citizens and for getting these health services, you must apply for your health insurance card. To apply for health card, you need to contact your province/territory’s department of health.


  1. Driver’s License

This is yet another card which you need to apply to as soon as you arrive in the country. Canada has 12 province in total out of which 10 provinces are having their own license. Learn about your province’s driver requirements and apply for the license swiftly. 

Immigrating to Canada, thus, requires planning and future arrangements for your contented settlement in the country. If you are planning to migrate to Canada but yet to start your process, then this is the right time to jolt yourself and get started with your journey with us! Call at our toll free number 18001201602 or mail us

Get Permanent Residency in Canada

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