Can I Move to Any Province After Getting PR Through Provincial Nomination?

Canada’s Provincial Nomination Program is the pathway for the migrants seeking permanent residency. As a permanent resident holder you have the option to live and work anywhere in Canada. Though, sometimes the migrants are often confused about whether they are allowed to shift from one province to another soon after getting provincial nomination. Here, in this blog we will try to answer the question that most of the migrants have, ‘Can I move to any province after PNP?’

Do you have a provincial nomination? Are you aware of the next steps?

Provincial Nomination Program allows an applicant to come and settle in the province on permanent basis to contribute towards the growing economy of Canada. With a provincial nomination from one of the territories for Canada PR, are you sure that you can move anywhere in Canada as soon as you arrive? This is indeed the tricky question and the answer is more complicated than you think!

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Canadian Government gives you the right of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom to move and live anywhere in Canada.  This right was created so that all citizens and permanent residents have the right to move in Canada and take up residence and work in any province or territory of Canada.

As a permanent resident coming to the particular province, at point of entry you must comply with the basic requirements to show border officials. They will then confirm that you meet all of the laws and requirements as newly migrant. If they see any discrepancy about your intention to stay in the province that has nominated you, they might send you back to your home place.

Thus, it is suggested that you should avoid immediately changing the province where you were supposed to live. As a new migrant to Canada, you must meet the federal law of the province or territory that nominated you and a part of it says that living and working in the province for at least a limited period of time.  Hence, if there is any single doubt on you by the immigration officials regarding your plan change and insincerity about living in the nominated province you may lose Canada PR chances.

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For example, if you received a nomination  from Prince Edward Island and you have no intention to live or work in the province and if the officials get to know this then there are high chances of forfeiting your nominee status. This will ultimately hamper your next nomination chances. Well, it is not that you cannot shift to another province soon after getting PR nomination, you may but for that you must convince the province the reasons of your shifting.

Therefore, you must be able to document and establish yourself by furnishing the valid and solid reasons of moving out of nominated province and create a good faith with the immigration officials by telling them the genuine reasons of moving out of their province to avoid any future problems in migration.

However, you would also need to convince your selected province the reasons of leaving your previous province with adequate proofs and also show your efforts to be able to adjust to the previous province but was not able to do so because of unfavourable conditions.

Also, if you try to move out of the province before your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR), there are chances that you might lose your permanent residency or may suffer heavy consequences like rejections or cancellation of visas. The ideal time to move out of province is when you have lived in a particular province for at least 2 years. Many of the migrants prefer to move after 2 years.

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