Australia is Still a Top Immigration Destination after so Many changes in Its Immigration Policies

Australia has been on a roller-coaster from past few months! With so many new immigration rules and process requirements by the Turnbull government, all these steps are seen as the efforts to curb immigration influx in the land down under.

So much going on to the Australian immigration policies and rules like changes in the occupational list, abolition of visa subclass 457 and citizenship amendments, the potential applicants are baffled about their decision to immigrate to Australia or not

Immigrating Australia or not!

Well, despite immigration changes in the rules and policies by the Australian government to control the immigration, Oz is still the immigrant’s favourite immigration destination for permanent residency. The PR process of Australia is still less complicated and tricky as compared to top advanced nations like USA and UK.

Additionally, Australia’s infrastructure, work opportunities and liveable cities make it the top country to apply and obtain permanent residency.

Let’s see the ranking report of Australia as per US news and world report.

Ranking Parameter

World Ranking

Overall Ranking


Comfortable Retirement


Quality of life






Best country to travel alone



The above table clearly indicate that Australia is among top 10 countries to live in, it is 5th best in providing quality of life and second best under comfortable retirement. It is 4th best country of the world to travel alone and 6th best education provider.

Australia is still in need of skill workers

What of Australia has made few strict immigration rules in the recent past, the country is still in need of highly skilled and qualified workers to contribute towards their growing economy. Oz still has a long way to go to fill its labour market with the foreign professionals that fulfil their labour market requirements.

Therefore, Australian government keeps on updating their occupational list so that the interested applicants can nominate their occupation mentioned on the list on the basis of their skill and experience.

Australia General Skilled Migration Program

Australia General Skilled Migration Program is a point based permanent residency visas that allow an applicant to live and work in Australia for indefinite period of time. These visas are the most common visa that is taken by the potential migrant as a skilled worker for their Australian permanent residency.

Predominantly, general skilled migration program has the following visa categories:

  • Australia Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189
  • Australia Skilled State sponsored visa subclass 190
  • Australia Skilled regional provisional visa subclass 489

Subclass 189 and subclass 190 are permanent residency visas whereas; subclass 489 is a pathway to Australian permanent residency.

The applicants are evaluated on the basis of their immigration score that is taken into consideration before granting Invitation to Apply. The minimum required score to be eligible to apply for Australia PR is 60 points that are calculated on the basis of age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability, and other factors.

Score can be checked using Australia Point Calculator

The applicants with the highest immigration score is invited to apply for Australian PR by DIBP.

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