Australia PR Subclass 190 Visa Information You Must Know

Planning to apply for Australian Permanent Resident visa? Hurray! It’s a perfect decision in view of Australia’s high employment rate, fast growing industries, high standard of life, latest infrastructure and good quality of life.

The other special thing about Australia immigration is its multiple visa categories designed for immigration and visa applicants. There are different visa categories like skilled migration visas, business investment visas, family visas etc. Out of these, the most popular is the skilled migration visas.

Every year tens of thousands Australian Immigrations aspirants apply for skilled migration visas. Australia nominated visa subclass 190 is one of the popular skilled migration visa. If you wish to apply for this popular Australian visa, here are the important things which you must know about subclass 190 visa.

What is state nominated visa subclass 190?

The state nominated Subclass 190 visa is a permanent visa for skilled workers who want to live and work in Australia and have been nominated by an Australian state or territory. However, to apply for subclass 190 visa, you first need to obtain the nomination from the Australian state or territory in which you want to move.

Each state/territory maintains a list of occupations in short supply. If an applicant gets an invitation, they are expected to live for at least 2 years inside that particular State/Territory.

Subclass 190 is point based skilled visa

Visa subclass 190 is point based visa, where you have to score a minimum of 60 points in Australia Immigration point test which is based on the factors like age, qualification, work experience, skills, English language ability etc.

You can check your score using Australia 190 point calculator

What is the process to apply for subclass 190?

The basic process to apply for subclass 190 is mentioned below:

  • To apply for state nominated visa subclass 190, your occupation must be listed on  updated demand list of Australia
  • You must meet all the eligibility requirements
  • Get your skills assessed by a relevant assessing body. The concerned accessing body will access your skills according to your qualification.
  • Submit Expression of Interest in online SkillSelect to apply for subclass 190 visa. The skillselect asks you certain questions based on your profile and if you are selected based on your profile score, you will get the invitation apply for visa subclass 190 visa.
  • Wait for EOI processing time and state or territory nomination
  • Apply for Australia PR


Subclass 190 visa nomination provides you additional immigration points

Apply for visa nomination from any state where you want to live and once you get the state nomination, you get the 5 extra points which are added in the Australia Immigration point test. It further helps you to get the invitation to apply for permanent residency in Australia.

What is the condition of living in the sponsoring state under subclass 190 visa?

Many a times, an applicant is quite confused about subclass 190 visa with regards to staying or working in any other state. Most of the applicants believe that they can live and work in any state with this visa and they tend to forget that they have been nominated by a particular state or territory and hence, they are bound to live in that particular state only.

However, as per the process, you must live and work for 2 years in the state or territory which has nominated you for the subclass 190 visa.

It must be noted that the Australian PR processing time for Australia subclass 190 depends upon different factors like number of applications received, submission of complete application form and documents, any other query asked by the immigration officials.

The general subclass 190 PR processing time for the 75 percent applications is approximately 4 months whereas 90 percent applications are processed within 9 months.

What are the English language requirements to apply for subclass 190?

DIBP has made mandatory for all the Australian immigration applicants to prove their English language ability and hence, an applicant either needs to give IELTS or PTE to test their English language skills.

Check the score requirements for IELTS/PTE

Therefore, if you wish to know more about the Australia state nomination visa subclass 190 in detail, you may contact the visa experts of Aptech Global by filling the free assessment form.

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