Australia 190 Visa All you need to know

Australia 190 visa, is a state nomination sub-class. This means, that for getting an Invitation To Apply under 190 visa subclass, you must be nominated by a state or territory of Australia. With an increasing demand for this visa among immigration seekers, it is significant to understand the core of 190 visa.

One of the two popular subclasses of visas under General Skilled Migration (GSM), 190 visa has the following features:

  • Presence of your Job Profile in CSOL   

    STSOL stands for Short Term Skilled Occupation List.

    To get a nomination under this visa, your job profile must be in great demand in the country and must be listed under Australia’s STSOL. Is my Job Profile in demand?

    Without having so, you cannot get a nomination from any state/territory.

  • State/Territory Nomination is a must  

    As mentioned earlier too, a state or a territory nomination is mandatory under the circumference of this visa.

    Getting a nomination means that the particular state nominating you, wants you to work and settle in that state itself. Although, this condition is not mandatory but you are ‘expected’ to do so. 

  • Submission of EOI   

    EOI stands for Expression Of Interest. An EOI is a formal declaration that you are interested to work and settle in the county by your will. Based on this EOI, you will get a nomination.

    Your EOI is being reviewed by parties such as employers, Government of Australia, etc. 


  • Based on immigration score  

    Australia immigration structure is based on immigration point score that is given to you as per your personal credentials (age, language, work history, etc.).

    The minimum benchmark required by Australian authority for via 190 is 60 points out of 100.

    Calculate my immigration score

  • Eligibility requirements   

    Other than immigration points, there are some sundry requirements that you must be possessing in order to be eligible to file your application under subclass 190.

    Some of these requirements are:      

    -  Must not be older than 49 years of age

    -  Must be proficient in English language 

    -  Must not be holding any criminal records

    -  Must not be having any communicable disease

    -  Must hold a moral and good character

    Other factors

    To get a more detailed view on Australia Visa subclass 190, you can get in touch with our Panel of Immigration Experts.

    You can also fill in our FREE Australia Assessment Form.


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