All You Need To Know About Australia Permanent Residency 2018

Australia is counted one among the finest countries where most of the overseas migrate to live and work in. The Australia immigration process from India comprises of point bases system, the points are calculated as the sum of age, educational, qualification, language proficiency and the total years of work experience. These factors determine the eligibility for the Australia PR.

If you are planning for permanent residency to Australia you can check your eligibility status by clicking the below link

Calculate my Australia Score for PR

Here are some of the factors which you must know after getting your Australia PR 

1. As a permanent resident, you have the permanent resident visa. The permanent resident holder can live in Australia for five years and have the right to travel to and from Australia. After completion of five years, the applicant can again apply for Australia permanent residency.

2. After getting the permanent residency the applicant can study in any of the university in Australia and if required can go for the study loan as well.

3. The PR holders make it easy for getting the job in Australia. The owners of the companies select only the applicants having PR Visa.

4. The child born in Australia becomes PR visa holder by birth in Australia and can enjoy health and other facilities of Australian citizenship.

5. The Australia PR visa holders can call and sponsor their relatives to Australia.

So, if you have taken decision to immigrate Australia for your career, it is a good choice. The processing of Australia PR, with different formalities and criteria, should be fulfilled for getting permanent residency including skill assessment, correct submission of documents etc.

You can fulfill your dreams towards immigration to Australia and get your PR visa with the faster approval process. Click the below link for the free assessment today.

Check Eligibility to Apply for Australia Permanent Residency

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