How to Immigrate to Australia as a Software Engineer

Australian Immigration for Software Engineers

Under Australian & New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), software engineers are in great demand in the country. Australia requires software engineers in great numbers to study, consult, examining and accessing system program requirements.

A major component which has to be there, apart from a bachelor’s degree in engineering (or a superior degree), is having expertise in the field. You need to have at least 5 years of on the job experience. In certain cases, the experience has to be as mentioned under ANZSCO.

Immigrating to Australia as a software engineer is definitely a high boost to your career. Getting an Australian Permanent Resident Visa is an easy process if you comply with the basic requirements a software professional needs to follow.

Requirements for immigrating as software engineers to Australia-

  1. Point test- Australian subclass Visa 189 requires you to score minimum 60 marks out of 100 total in order to be eligible to apply for the above visa. However, you may need to score more for a software engineer profile to receive your Invitation to Apply (ITA). Calculate your points here.
  2. Skill Assessment- you need to give a skill assessment test in order to prove your capabilities to Australian Computer Society (ACS). You’ll be provided with a letter if your performance found out to be satisfactory by ACS.
  3. Expression of Interest (EOI)- You need to submit an EOI that you want to become a permanent resident of the country. Your score here is very crucial as higher the EOI, more will be the chance to receive your ITA.
  4. Visa application and grant- After receiving your ITA, you need to file your visa within the stipulated time period given by the immigration authorities of Australia. 

It is usually pre-decided as to the number of vacancies going to be there for immigrants in one particular year, for each ANZSCO group of occupation. The decision is made by the department of immigration, regarding the number of visa grants for a specific occupation type. For the financial year 2016-17, a total of 5662 positions were announced under visa subclass 189 immigration.

To know the number of positions going to be there for software engineers in coming a financial year, you can contact our immigration professions at +91-8447281370 or mail at You can also drop in for a cup of coffee with us Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd., 706, 8th Floor, Westend Mall, Janakpuri West, New Delhi, India.


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